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Fearful of God

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"Fearful of God" is a painting in mixed technique (oil and acrylic) made on canvas. Its dimensions are 100 x 81 cm and it was painted in 2017. It is part of a series of four paintings made in quick lines and little diluted and with a quick finish without refills or excess retouching, in which several women in warm tones stand out a blue-green background.
This painting shows us a woman with a distrustful look with a rosary in her hands as the only defense, useless amulet whose cross is inverted as if by accident. His hands just hold a god who is held by the fear of living. She, afraid, condemns everything that scares her to feel safe, projects her fears to the world, turning it into a worse place, creating demons that do not exist, fucking others for their own insecurity. God fearing, how much it costs me to have you in front.
Javier Lesaka

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