• Colorful fish swimming at night
  • Colorful fish swimming at night

Colorful fish swimming at night

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"This colorful series of goldfish emerged unexpectedly, almost without thinking. Picasso said that ""inspiration caught you working"" and that I did. From scraps of different wallpapers I had, I began to cut out shapes and the fish came up. First I placed them on white backgrounds, but little by little I introduced the color in the background, making vibrant illustrations and full of bright colors, since, being made with liquid watercolor (also known as aniline) is almost not diluted in water, and this is what keeps her alive with this color that can be seen both in the scan of the illustration and in the photographs.
In the illustration the background was painted first, almost without using the brush, only with the action of the movement of the paper so that the colors are mixed (which gives it an exclusivity and a unique value, since water and aniline are never mixed in the same way as was done in another illustration), and once the bottom was dry, the fish were stuck, cut out from other backgrounds painted in the same way, but with other bright colors different from the blue ones in the background, so they contrasted.

It is an ideal illustration for a children's room, which can be combined with other illustrations of the same series. In it the message of difference, of originality is read, because all the fish swim in the same direction except one, the happiest of all.

This illustration is a unique original and therefore, there are no copies of it. For its conservation it is recommended to protect it with glass or a rigid plastic, and to place it away from direct sunlight, since the color could lose its vivacity due to the action of the sun.

Its size is a standard DIN-A3, and comes protected with a plastic cover that can be removed for framing.

* The watermark ""claranbilustraciones"" only appears in this digitized version, not in the original."

Technique and Materials
- Watercolor, watercolor paper, black pen.
Clara NB Ilustraciones

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